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'Jersey Shore' Reunion: Sammi Cries & Mike Calls Her A B**ch!

Thu, March 31, 2011 11:42pm EDT by Chloe Melas 5 Comments

Ronnie completely attacked Sammi and he called her a waste of tears!

Who would have thought that much drama could fit in one shore house?! The MTV producers of Jersey Shore must be so happy because the March 31 reunion was incredibly intense and full of fights!

The moment everyone was waiting for was seeing what would happen when Ronnie and Sammi were in the same room — and it did not go well! Even though Ronnie acted like a complete dog in Miami and cheated on Sammi multiple times, he was adamant that Sammi’s emotional relationship with Arvin was just as bad or worse. To add fuel to the fire, Mike “The Situation” was a total jerk and said that he thought Sammi was a “sneaky bitch!” Keep in mind, Mike instigated quite a bit of drama between Sammi and Ronnie and even got on the phone with Ronnie’s mom and bad-mouthed Sammi.

At one point Sammi and Ronnie were sitting on the couch watching the horribly toxic footage from their fights, and Sammi cried when asked about Ronnie. It’s clear she still loves him, she even said she always will. Ronnie was careful not to let his guard down during the reunion but you know he still cares. Clearly they both know how insane their relationship looks and their probably getting so much pressure to NOT be together that they have to stay a part.

Mike shows himself to be more of a pig when he just laughs when clips are shown of him bringing a slew of girls back to the house. Snooki has an awkward moment with Vinny and they sort of admit they are into each other but Snooki thinks Vinny played her.

JWoww says she’s still with Roger and that she’s happier than ever. The entire house says they’ve never seen JWoww this happy and they love Roger — Snooki says she wants to be a bridesmaid!

Pauly D didn’t say too much but just looked super cute. Deena went on stage and admitted she’s a hot mess but that she is a genuine girl who has everybody’s backs.

The reunion was so much fun to watch and it definitely tied the whole season together! Now we just can’t wait to see what happens in Italy for season four!

— Chloe Melas