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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Hang Out With Your Man's Ex, Like Emily Maynard Is With Michelle Money?

Wed, March 30, 2011 11:45am EDT by Add first Comment

The Bachelor star Brad Womack’s fiance is hanging out with his former hook-up! Is this a stupid or stealthy move?

Some of you are probably scratching your heads in consternation at the moment, wondering what in the heck sweet Emily Maynard is doing making besties with her fiance, Brad Womack‘s, ex-The Bachelor hook-up, Michelle Money. But has Em lost her marbles or she is actually playing smart in love?

Michelle Money may have been a one-time rival for Brad’s affections, but that didn’t stop Emily from tweeting at her March 28: “@nataliegetz @MoneyMichelle You girls say when and I’ll be there! I’m excited to meet you too!” even though she seemed upset by Brad’s actions during the After the Final Rose special March 14. Who wouldn’t be? She had just witnessed her husband-to-be’s steamy beachfront make-out session with another woman.

So why hang with her now?

My guess is that Emily wants info, plain and simple. Like all of us, she wants to find out what really went down behind the scenes (and what was just really clever editing). These women were her rivals in love and they also saw a sign of her fiance that she may not have. Although Emily won him in the end, Brad did get close and share himself with other women — and had some seriously hot chemistry with Michelle, in particular. If I met the supposed love of my life on a reality show, I’d want to know that his feelings were genuine, as well.

But how does this apply to real life? Should you ever become friends with your BF’s ex?

Let’s put it this way: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If his ex is still clinging to the hope that they might get back together one day, she’ll be less inclined to do so if you and she are friends. Is this fair? Not hardly. But would you rather her snag your dream guy just because you didn’t act while you could? If your man’s ex is going to be hanging out with him all the time, you should hang too — and make her your pal.

Granted, your guy is most likely going to hate any type of friendship that springs up between you, and you are going to have to seriously watch what you say (and make sure you don’t confide in her too much, but those are small prices to pay for your sanity, don’t you think?


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