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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Bails Kieffer Out Of Jail & Leah Finally Gets Married!

Tue, March 29, 2011 11:59pm EDT by 8 Comments

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 attempts to wrap things up, but I still can’t wait for season 2 to continue the drama!

A lot when down as the girls of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 tried to resolve their issues from their first year of motherhood. The highlight was Leah’s Messer‘s marriage to her baby daddy, Corey. Keep reading to get the scoop on the good AND bad!


Both dad and friends once again focus on forcing teem mom Chelsea Houska to ditch her deadbeat ex-boyfriend, Adam.  Chelsea’s whole family is in to town to celebrate baby Aubree‘s 1st bday, which looks like it’s a great time for everyone. Chelsea admits, “Not having any drama made it a great day.” However, Teem Mom fans can always count on an inconvenient visit from an ex just when things are going fine. Adam shows up just in time to flip out that his car is towed but forgets to ask how the birthday party went. Loser!


Kailyn Lowry decides she needs to get the court involved in a custody agreement, even though things are civil between she and her ex, Jo, just to get things in writing. As they prepare for court mediation, Jo’s mom reminds him that he has to get along with Kailyn forever for the sake of their child, Isaac. Everything seems great until the mediation itself, when Jo decides to pick a fight over an untied shoelace and preschool drop-off, which won’t be for another four years. The last scene of the pair shows Jo calling her mentally ill and telling her to shut up. Sad — but typical.


Jenelle gets arrested for breaking and entering and possession of marijuana, along with her boyfriend of five months, Kieffer Delp. MTV reveals the mugshots during the arrest and afterward Jenelle faces her very disappointed mother, Barbara Evans, who thankfully has custody of baby Jace. Barbara agrees that the young mom can come home, on the condition that Jenelle cuts off her relationship with Kieffer. Jenelle, always full of empty promises, reflects: “I know I’ve been messing up a lot lately, but I owe it to Jace to get my life back on track.” Not surprisingly, by the end of the episode Jenelle begins to miss her boyfriend who she claims is her “best friend,” and bails him out of jail.


The couple that everyone loves is getting married! Leah Messer and her fiancee, Corey, do a small rehearsal, but it’s obvious on the night of the wedding that they are both extremely nervous. The couple refuses to see each other before the ceremony on the day of the wedding, and it becomes more and more obvious how nervous they actually are! The groom’s dad gives him a a pep talk and they are good to go when exchanging vows. In the end, Leah is whisked over the threshold of her home that she shares with Corey and her two twin girls. So cute!

–Brooke Peoples