Revealed: The 'Bachelorette' Stud Who Was 'Cosmopolitan' Bachelor Of The Year!

We know what contestant Ryan 'Mickey' McLean is looking for in his dream woman! Do you think 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert fits the bill? She was dumped by Bachelor Brad Womack but Ashley Hebert is now on her own quest to find love on ABC's The Bachelorette. With filming starting 10 days ago, Ashley is deep into mingling with 25 eligible men -- one of whom -- Ryan "Mickey" McLean -- was named Cosmopolitan magazine’s "Hottest Bachelor for 2010." So will Ashley click with this sexy, 30-year-old Cleveland chef?

Here’s what we know about what Mickey likes in a woman:

  • How to attract his attention: “Just make eye contact,” Mickey tells Cosmo. “It’s that simple.”
  • What he is looking for in a girl: “I’m loyal, optimistic, and easygoing. I’m laid-back and trusting, so I need a girl who is as well.”
  • Ideal first date: “We’ll have a nice dinner and, hopefully, try new foods together. Then we’ll see where things go.”
  • What Mickey likes to see a girl wearing: His Yankees hat, of course!
  • Mickey likes active girls! “I like to be outside,” he tells Metromix Cleveland. “Anything outside — I like to run outside, I like to go hiking.
  • Probably wants a pretty girl that he can take pictures of  — he’s an amateur photographer. Good thing Ashley has some experience modeling for Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition.
  • Ashley would have to move to Cleveland if they end up together because Mickey loves it there! “There’s a ton to do here. We have three professional sports teams, we’ve got endless museums and parks, even beaches, monuments. And there’s hiking and the West Side Market. There’s certainly not a lack of things to do. That’s what drew me to this area originally.”

Mickey seems like a catch. Not only is he handsome, sexy and successful, but he likes to have fun — and it sounds like he knows how to treat a girl right.

Based on what we know about him so far, do you think Mickey and Ashley would be a good match?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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