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Can Making An Ex Jealous Bring Him Back + Will It Work For Vanessa Hudgens, Who's Now Dating Josh Hutcherson?

Thu, March 24, 2011 5:42pm EDT by 10 Comments

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Vanessa is now smooching her new man in public! Will Zac Efron come running back now that she appears to have moved on?

If reality was even slightly like our fantasies, we’d have everything we wanted. When it comes to breakups, we’d like to a) never have split at all or b) have our exes realize they still love us and return full of apologies and repentance. That said, although Vanessa Hudgens is now dating actor Josh Hutcherson, it seems she’s clearly still into ex-BF Zac Efron. Is she using Josh to make Zac jealous enough to come back?

Here’s the thing: men do not like others claiming what is theirs. If Zac has any sort of romantic feelings for Vanessa at all, seeing photographic evidence or hearing reports that she kissed and cuddled another guy, as she did at the March 23 premiere of her new film, Sucker Punch, may make him jealous enough to make moves.

However, as is most likely the case here, Zac is going to be happy that Vanessa has moved on. The two are genuinely best friends, and their relationship ran its course. As is typically the case with first loves, they grew up together, and grew apart. Zac may be feeling bittersweet about the situation, but my guess is that he’s not losing any sleep about ‘the one who got away.’

On a side note, if Vanessa were really using Josh, her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star, to get Zac back, her new beau should kick her to the curb ASAP. No one deserves to be used.

In general, jealousy is an unhealthy emotion. Whether it’s inspiring a new partner to pay more attention to you or getting a former boyfriend to return, strong doses of the green-eyed monster only bring out the worst in us. A little healthy jealousy can be OK if used sparingly, but in general, said emotion implies a lack of trust and faith in the relationship.

If Zac does come back (I’m 99.9% sure he won’t), will Vanessa really want him knowing that the only reason he returned was because she may have found someone she liked better? Will it last more than a few weeks after the initial triumph of besting another man and claiming what was initially his wears off? Probably not.

It’s cheesy, but it’s true: if it’s meant to be, it will be….and if it was yours to begin with, it — and HE — will return to you.

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