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'Teen Mom 2' Preview: Jenelle Gets Busted For Stealing Her Mom's Credit Card!

Tue, March 22, 2011 10:47am EDT by 7 Comments

Courtesy of MTV

Jenelle’s mom will call the cops if Jenelle doesn’t pay the bill! She’s so sick of “busting her balls” all day at work while Jenelle hangs out with her BF!

Teen Mom 2 is on tonight and Jenelle Evans is SO DEAD! She stole her mom’s credit card and racked-up over $700 worth of charges in two days! Jenelle’s mom confronts her with the bill and they get in a screaming fight—with baby Jace in the room! Jace freaks out and starts crying—the look on his little face is heartbreaking!

Jenelle’s mom says she’s sick of “busting her balls” all day at a minimum wage job while Jenelle hangs out with her boyfriend—and we don’t blame her! She wants Jenelle to pay back the money she charged up on the credit card (she thinks Jenelle was buying food for Kieffer!), but Jenelle says NO! Her mom wants to call the cops and take her to court. Do you think she should??