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Lawyer: Chris Brown Could Go To Jail Over 'GMA' Incident

Tue, March 22, 2011 3:41pm EDT by 40 Comments

It’s possible Chris Brown has violated his probation by allegedly smashing a window at Good Morning America today

Chris Brown is at risk of heading back to jail after allegedly smashing a window in his Good Morning America dressing room today, following Robin Roberts‘s questioning of him and Rihanna. Trial lawyer Susan Filan explains what this could mean to Chris and his legal future.

If ABC decides to press charges and he is arrested, Chris is in the same boat as Lindsay Lohan. “You violate the condition of your probation that says obey all laws,” Filan says, which means Chris could wind up behind bars just for being charged with an offense, EVEN if he’s not convicted.

She explains he must obey all California state laws since that is where he was charged in his assault case regarding Rihanna. “There is usually a condition that says, no new arrests, that would apply to arrests in other states [including New York], presumably.”

However, an insider tells us, “As of now, no arrests have been made” and cops reportedly weren’t dispatched to the scene. So what does that mean for Chris?

“His alleged physical conduct could still violate probation,” reveals Filan. “If he was placed in an anger management program, or if there was a condition that said, no violence, or no violent outbursts. Usually, it says, no violence towards the victim [Rihanna]. So, if he is not arrested, it is much less likely that he will violate his probation, unless, again, there was a condition about counseling for anger, and it was deemed, that this violated his ‘treatment’ for ‘counseling’ for anger.”

Filan adds just because Chris was ordered to take anger management classes, this does not mean there was a special condition in his probation agreement specifying he wasn’t allowed to lose his temper or express physical rage.

What do you guys think? Should Chris go back to jail? Does this mean he isn’t rehabilitated? Or should we ignore the incident completely?

Lorena O’Neil with additional reporting by Jessica Finn

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