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Robert Pattinson Solves Doggate And Reveals New Details About His Puppy!

Mon, March 21, 2011 3:04pm EDT by 4 Comments

Robert Pattinson reveals the name of his new dog and confirms he found the puppy at a shelter.

Doggate is officially solved. We’ve been hearing rumors about Rob Pattinson‘s dog for a few weeks but he is now opening up about his new companion. Rob revealed during an MTV interview that his new dog is named Bear. But what kind of dog is it?

“It’s called Bear . . . He was called Yogi Bear in the shelter, and I thought Yogi Bear was a bit much,” Rob explained to Joshua Horowitz. Rob adopted the puppy from a shelter in Louisiana while filming Breaking Dawn and ever since we have been trying to guess what kind of dog he has. Nikki Reed told that one of her dogs looks like a bigger version of Rob’s puppy.

“It’s a little puppy, common mongrel,” Rob tells Elle Russia via Robert Pattinson News UK. Rob also reveals that his new six-month-old puppy is quiet and doesn’t cry at night like some dogs.

Bear sure sounds like a perfect match for Rob. And if Nikki did slip and reveal that Bear is shared by Rob and Kristen, then he has twice the happy owners!

Stephanie Wenger

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