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Ian Says: Experts Claim Parenting Makes You Poor & Miserable! Now They Tell Me!

Mon, March 21, 2011 5:28pm EDT by 1 Comment

New studies report that raising kids is more expensive than ever — and it’s making us parents miserable.

I’ve only been a dad for three months but the future is bleak for new parents like me, according to experts, who predict my baby son will affect my well-being… and my wallet!

“Parents of young children report far more depression, emotional distress and other negative emotions than non-parents,” Wake Forest University sociologist Robin Simon warns.

And there’s little hope it’ll get any better! “Parents of grown children have no better well-being than adults who never had children,” the prof says.

That’s just counting the the psychological effects of raising a child. The financial cost? Statisticians predict I’ll spend almost a quarter-million dollars on my baby boy Callum by the time he turns 18.

Scary enough. But in a newly published study, Canadian psychologists Roget Eibach and Steven Mock claim the rewards aren’t worth it.

“Parenthood is often idealized as a uniquely emotionally rewarding role. Having kids is an economic and emotional drain. It should make those who have kids feel worse. Instead, parents glorify their lives. They believe that the financial and emotional benefits of having children are significantly higher than they really are.”

Alright, enough! There’s no doubt raising kids is expensive and stressful. Still, I’m not convinced by these pessimistic experts.

I’ll take all the dirty diapers, sleepless nights and tantrums Callum can throw at me with a smile on my face. And $250,000? A bargain!

What do you think moms & dads? Should I be worried — or are these studies just a load of hot air?

–Ian Garland