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Mom's Boyfriend Beats Baby Unconscious While She Does School Run

Mon, March 21, 2011 10:30am EDT by 5 Comments

Little Kymell Oram survived countless acts of abuse that left him broken and bleeding!

After a beating which left 17-month-old Kymell Oram with broken ribs and a crushed spleen, 19-year-old Kysheen Oliver has surrendered to police. And doctors are saying this beating is just the latest in a series of horrible trauma for the toddler!

Kysheen, nicknamed ‘Killer,’ allegedly beat Kymell while his 32-year-old mother Teyuanna Cummings was taking her other two children to school, the Daily Mail reports. Upon returning to her Brooklyn, NY home, she found Kymell coughing up blood and unable to breathe.

Investigators said Kymell looked as though “he was thrown against the wall on a daily basis.” Once at the hospital, doctors speculated that internal damage could have been caused by a long history of abuse. Neighbors back up the claims, saying Kymell was horribly mistreated.

“Sometimes when the baby was crying they would leave the baby outside the door,” a neighbor said. “They would just leave him there by himself for hours sometimes. Everyone would hear him crying and crying.”

Currently, Kysheen is being questioned by police, Kymell is recovering in the hospital and Children’s Services has put Teyuanna’s other children — her 10-year-old biological child and a nine-year-old foster boy — into protective care.

We’re so glad and amazed Kymell was able to survive such a beating!

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