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Would You Get An Illegal Treatment To Determine Your Baby's Sex?

Wed, March 16, 2011 12:14pm EDT by Add first Comment

Thousands of couples have done it, even though it’s been banned in most of Europe and England for ethical reasons.

Some couples are so desperate to get their baby girl or baby boy that they’ll go to any lengths to make it happen. They’re using a controversial new technique called “Family Balancing” that enables parents to determine the sex of their unborn child—it involves “presorting” certain embryos during IVF. Critics say it involves doctors “playing God,” and it brings us one step closer to “designer babies,” in which parents can select their future child’s hair color, eye color and height. Did you see that movie, Gattica with Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke?? This sounds just like that!

The practice has been banned in the UK and most of Europe for ethical reasons, but approved in the US. As a result, thousands of European and British couples are getting around the law by traveling to the US to get the treatment—it’s called “gender selection tourism.” Do you think this is weird?? Or just a wonderful scientific advance?