'Bachelor' Brad's $50,000 Ring For Emily — Just Like The One She Wore With Ricky Hendrick!

[gallery] Emily's engagement to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick ended so tragically with his death. Is the new dazzler Brad picked for her going to be too much of a reminder? Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane says he saved the best sparkler for last when he showed a series of dazzling rings to Bachelor Brad Womack. But sincve their engagement, it hasn't always been on Emily Maynard's finger! Why not?

With so much turmoil and tension around Brad, 38, and Emily, 25, we’ve wondering if this spectacular $50,000 ring is just another reason she may be reluctant to take the next step!

Emily didn’t wear the ring until late in the big post-finale Bachelor broadcast — it was still being fitted, we were told. But with no wedding date in sight, Emily’s reluctance to  move to Austin with her 5-year-old daughter Ricki and her continuing fears over Brad’s hot temper, who knows how long it will be before Emily feels comfortable flashing this rock?

The ring Brad picked for her looks eerily similar to the dazzler Emily wore for her engagement to star NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, 24, who tragically died before they could marry. Emily was pregnant with Ricki when Ricky was killed in a 2004 plane crash.

Robert DiMattina, owner of Diamond Images USA Inc. in Miami tells us that the rings are strikingly similar. Both would likely sell in the same price range –as long as the quality of the diamonds matches up. Both feature rectangular-cut stones, of different types: The Bachelor ring is cushion-cut while Ricky’s ring was radiant-cut.

The new ring was personally crafted by Lane: a three-carat platinum and diamond creation outfitted with a central cushion-cut diamond surrounded by 263 round, brilliant-cut diamonds!

“Brad said he’d dreamed of the perfect ring but he didn’t know exactly what it was until he saw this one,” Lane tells People magazine. “I saved it for the last one and when Brad saw it, he knew it was the ring of his dreams.”

But will Emily decide to live out her dreams with Brad — and this incredible ring?

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