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Lindsey Says: 'Bachelor' Brad Womack Should Pick Emily Tonight — Not Chantal!

Mon, March 14, 2011 3:08pm EDT by 1 Comment

I hope Chantal’s out! I think Brad has been secretly engaged to Emily all along — and now they can come out of hiding!

Tonight’s the big night for Bachelor! We get to find out which woman — Emily Maynard or Chantal O’Brien — is engaged to Bachelor Brad Womack! My thoughts? Emily gets the final rose — and the ring. Sorry, Chantal!

Right off the bat, I thought Brad’s heart belonged to Chantal. From the moment they first met — when she walked out of the limo and slapped him on the face — sparks flew. And as the first few episodes progressed, we watched as her spunky attitude and playful ways began to win Brad over.

But as the season moved along, another front-runner pushed her way through: Emily — whose personality is the complete opposite of Chantal’s — started to play a monumental role.

Emily’s beauty and gentle ways have slowly won Brad’s heart. From the day she broke down at the NASCAR track to their overnight date in South Africa, we watched as Emily’s manner complimented Brad’s rough-and-ready energy. She acted as a great balance to his aggression.

Brad even broke the rules by telling Emily that he loved her. Did Chantal hear these words? Not that we’ve seen — but it’s possible that moment was edited out.

Either way, Brad needs someone more like Emily. Chantal is too fiery, too similar to Brad. If they do wind up together, it’s guaranteed that their relationship will melt away quickly.

Plus, Emily already has a 5-year-old daughter, Ricki, who Brad gets along with. And if Brad’s honest when he says he’s ready to start a family — well, here’s the opportunity.

But while I believe Brad has been secretly engaged to Emily, I’m not convinced it’s a relationship that’s going to last. If you want to know why I feel this way, read my reasoning on how Brad’s NOT a changed man!

For now, I want to know if you all agree with me — do you think Brad’s in love with Emily and not Chantal? Share your thoughts now.

And be sure to live chat with me tonight here at as we watch the season finale!

– Lindsey DiMattina