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Lorena Says: I Want The Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode To Be Great But I Have My Doubts

Sat, March 12, 2011 7:06pm EDT by 2 Comments

Grey’s Anatomy is getting the Glee treatment on March 31 and I’m torn over whether I predict greatness or catastrophe!

I’m not going to lie, when I first heard Grey’s Anatomy was doing a musical episode, I was completely against it. “Don’t ruin my favorite show,” I internally shouted at Shonda Rhimes. “You already did that annoying documentary episode, just stay normal!” I yelled angrily, before quietly muttering an “I’m sorry Shonda I love you and deeply respect your genius.” But then, when the sneak song premiered I kinda, sort of changed my mind. Could this musical episode really work?

Ellen Pompeo was equally ambivalent to the idea of a musical, but says the script changed her mind. “I did my eye roll […] then we read it and I have to say, I think people are going to love it,” the actress told Ellen DeGeneres.

She explains, “Somebody is in a coma and it is their dream.”

It is pretty safe to say most Grey’s fans realize it is probably Callie in the coma since we know it’s told from her perspective. And I think Sara Ramirez and her Tony Award winning voice combined with the show’s choice of classic Grey’s songs might make the episode more sentimentally different rather than trying-too-hard-to-be-different-slash-trendy-like-Glee. Sara explains it’s like the cast’s “love letter” to their fans.

The plot lines are also something that have me anticipating the episode. Does this mean Callie loses her baby? Where is Arizona, is she hurt as well? What will this mean for Lexie/Mark/Avery? I hope that the singing doesnt detract from the storylines that have been building up this season. What do you guys think of the upcoming episode?

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