Nikki Reed On Twilight Cast: “We All Love Each Other!” Exclusive Interview

Nikki Reed talks about the newest Twilight actors and the cast's mutual admiration of each other With so much feuding in Hollywood it's always great to hear about a cast that truly gets along. Nikki Reed spoke with about how the Twilight actors feel about each other after years of working together. She also expressed her excitement at the latest members added to the Twilight family. (2)

“We all love each other,” exclaimed Nikki at the UK Style by French Connection at Sears event. In fact, now that the cast has grown with Breaking Dawn filming, there’s even more love to go around.

“We really have a lot of cool new actors,” confesses the actress. “Stephenie Meyers introduced like 50 new characters in the final book so there are really lots of amazing people! It really means a lot to us that a lot of people have come to this film, even when I am on set not saying anything, to see all these amazing people, real actors doing there job is amazing!”

Nikki explains that she’s in the final two installments a lot more than the previous movies. “Filming is going really well. I’m not used to really being in these movies, I’m often a bizarre accessory to the films, but I am in these last two quite a bit. I work everyday and it’s exhausting!”

Nikki, who plays Rosalie in the popular saga, says she’s not nervous about the end of the series. “We are excited, the first half is about to end but we still have 2 years left. So [we’ll have] plenty of time to go through the emotions.”

Are you guys sad the end of Twilight is near? Or are you just anxious to see the new films?

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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