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Bristol Palin's Boyfriend Mocks Down Syndrome—This Loser's Even Worse Than Levi!

Fri, March 11, 2011 10:34am EDT by 6 Comments
Posted Fri, March 11, 2011 10:34am EDT

He also uses racial slurs and makes fun of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ on Facebook! What is wrong with this person?

Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti seemed like he was a down-to-earth guy for Bristol Palin, especially compared to her fame-seeking baby daddy Levi Johnston. But a recent Facebook rant proves he is racist, intolerant of the disabled, and even hates the Palin family reality show!

Sources close to Gino took screenshots of Facebook comments Gino has made over the last year, and Gawker has released some of the most scandalous gems. Perhaps most ironic is when he mocks a friend by implying he would have sex with an overweight woman with Down Syndrome. This comment must sting Bristol, whose younger brother Trig was born with Down Syndrome.

Furthermore, the Alaskan Gino finds it acceptable to casually call his friends “n***a,” which is outrageously inappropriate.

The funniest part of these rants? In another thread, Gino categorizes Sarah Palin’s Alaska in with other shows which portray “Idiot’s of Alaska.” We’re sure Bristol is a bit bristled since she appeared on that show herself!

Sarah Palin needs to hire better vetters immediately, and Bristol needs to ditch this racist loser for a real man!

— William Earl

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