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Russ Says: The Perfect Replacement For Charlie Sheen Is Charlie Sheen…Duh!

Thu, March 10, 2011 7:00am EDT by Russ Weakland 23 Comments

Rumors have been swirling that Rob Lowe, John Stamos or some other troll will be taking over Charlie’s role on Two & A Half Men, I don’t think there’s any need to replace him in the first place!

Charlie Sheen has been fired from Two & A Half Men, but unlike American Idol changing judges successfully, replacing Charlie will be the biggest mistake of all time! Though Charlie said in one of his latest radio interviews he’d love to see Rob Lowe replace him, it is only because Charlie would still get paid, thanks to a well placed clause in his contract. If CBS wants the show to continue, then it’s time to make nice and finish the shows run with the people who made it into a monster hit in the first place.

Look at it this way, imagine if Jennifer Aniston got fired from Friends years ago for saying she was a “warlock,” calling her bosses “narcissistic clowns” and parading around with a machete. It would have changed the show (and Jennifer) forever. However, Friends would have never been able to replace Rachel, because (let’s be honest), Jennifer is single-handedly the biggest star who came from that show. Replacing her for ranting just wouldn’t work in the big picture.

Think about it! What if Charlie Sheen is right? Could show creator Chuck Lorre actually be a jerk? Are the people involved in the show screwing Charlie over?

Maybe the only thing to question is how Charlie Sheen is presenting his argument. We are so used to stars and celebrities lying to us, so it’s hard to trust the real life persona he has been displaying — as funny or crazy as it may seem. I, for one, will be on Team Sheen in all his business affairs. CBS is missing out on the WINNING!

I hope CBS makes the right decision and cancels the show, or rehires Charlie Sheen. He is the man for the job… bar none!

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Russ Weakland