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Justin Bieber Rips His Shirt Apart In New Video! Is He Looking For A Fight?

Wed, March 9, 2011 3:46pm EDT by William Earl 12 Comments
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Biebs’ aggressive behavior continues — when will things get violent?

Justin Bieber‘s still full of rage!

Justin, 17, posted a video to his Twitter of him jumping with a friend, yelling and getting hyped up. The disturbing part? At one point, Justin says, “Alright, I need you to rip my sleeves!” His friend shreds off one, letting Justin flex for the camera. But then the friend rips off the other, and Justin screams, “I’m gonna get aerodynamic when I fight! Gun show!”

Normally we wouldn’t think anything of these guys having fun, but Justin’s recently been caught making obscene gestures and attacking the paparazzi. You don’t need to keep making yourself seem like a bully! Leave the fighting and gun talk to the rappers!