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Confirmed, Bristol Palin Didn't Lose Any Inches On 'Dancing With The Stars'! EXCLUSIVE

Tue, March 8, 2011 10:13am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 12 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC talked to Randall Christensen, Dancing With the Stars costume designer, and he revealed that while it was surprising that she didn’t lose any weight, he loved working with her on the conservative costumes.

One of the biggest benefits from going on Dancing With The Stars is having such a fun way to firm up — and costume designer from the show, Randall Christensen, agrees! “We anticipate that they’re [the celebrities] going to lose weight and I tell everyone to increase their eating because they’re going to melt away,” he told at an intimate luncheon celebrating the launch of the Wilhelminia 40+ model search presented by Miraclesuit. While practically everyone, (including Marie Osmond, who lost 41 pounds!), manages to peel off the pounds, one recent contestant didn’t seem to have the same luck.

Even though Bristol Palin managed to make it to the top three, each week when we watched the former teen mom saunter on stage we were surprised that she wasn’t showing off a smaller frame — and it turns out our eyes weren’t deceiving us! When we asked Randall if the contestant lost any inches on the show he said, “Bristol pretty much maintained. I think she definitely toned up more but she didn’t lose any inches.”

Randall said Bristol, who turned up in more conservative costumes (and even a gorilla suit!), felt most comfortable covered up. “We always started off very conservative and snipped down. She didn’t want to show cleavage but she had phenomenal legs so we always made it about the legs,” he said. “She liked strong colors and jewel tones so we worked with a lot of jewel tones and pastels.”

Surprisingly enough, the costumes were all Bristol’s doing — Sarah didn’t weigh in at all! “I never even got the pleasure of meeting her,” Randall said. “She let her daughter flex her wings and fly on her own. I appreciate where Bristol is coming from and I addressed her concerns and gave her confidence.”

Katrina Mitzeliotis