'Kourtney & Kim Take NY' Recap: Kim Records Her First Single With The-Dream!

Kim gets talked into recording a song and Scott tries to set a surprising new fashion trend -- and it is definitely really funny to watch! There's one thing that you can say for sure about the Kardashian's, and that's that they know how to keep you entertained! This weeks episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York was no exception, from watching Kim make her debut into singing to watching Scott's ridiculous antics. After everything else that Kim Kardashian has done, it doesn't seem very surprising that her next move would be to start singing. In this episode, we watched as Kim's close friend Ciara talked her into recording a single -- which wasn't too hard to do! Once Kim heard that hit music producer The-Dream was interested in working with her, she was ready to go!

But once it came time to actually record the song in the studio, Kim got more than a little bit nervous. She was barely even singing and kept messing up her lines. It was obvious that everyone around her was getting frustrated, and at one point, Kim even tried to leave the studio. She said she was nervous about embarrassing herself — but Kourtney Kardashian, who was with her, convinced her to stay. In the end, she finally got it done, and completed the song, called ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’. But who knows if she’ll actually record an entire album? Kim said she just wanted to have fun, and it looks like she did, but let’s be honest — her first recording session wasn’t exactly amazing!

While Kim was busy at the studio, Scott Disick was busy creating new fashion trends. After jokingly calling himself a “fashion icon”, Scott decided he needed a signature accessory to stand out. After shopping, he found the perfect thing — a cane, obviously! It was hilarious to watch Scott strut around New York City with his ridiculous and over-priced cane (it cost $3,500!), especially because it made Kourtney so furious. But really, is there anything Scott does that doesn’t annoy Kourtney?

What did you guys think of Kim in the recording studio? Does she have the makings to become a big star?

— Jessica Booth

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