Elton John Is Breastfeeding His Baby. Wait, What?!

Elton reveals that his surrogate-born baby Zachary is on a strict breastmilk diet. That means the musician has either hired a wet nurse or he's buying milk from a breast milk bank! Sir Elton John made the surprising confession about 2-month-old Zachary during a recent interview with the baby blog Not So Average Mama, where he says baby Zachary "is thriving off an awesome diet of breastmilk." But where is the milk coming from? It's certainly not Elton's!

Either Elton and his partner David Furnish are paying for a wet nurse or the pair have decided to buy donor milk from a bank. Most breast milk banks charge $3.00 to $4.00 an ounce, which quickly adds up to about $100 a day for a hungry newborn — small change for one of the richest men in showbiz who once spent $25,000 a month on flowers!

He’s not the only new dad buying breast milk — Neil Patrick Harris has the white stuff shipped in for his baby daughter.

Elton also shared the news that he and David — who both donated sperm to conceive Zachary — are bundling up their tot in eco-friendly, reusable diapers. “We use proper nappies, cloth,” he says. Miranda Kerr would approve!

And that’s a pretty brave move! Cloth diapers are kinder to the environment, but can be really messy — especially when it comes to newborn poop. As a new dad, I was keen to try cloth, but fellow parents warned me against the idea, suggesting reusable diapers lead to lots and lots of leaks!

Elton and David are obviously more handy with baby wipes than I am — or have an army of nannies ready to change Zachary!

–Ian Garland

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