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Kirstin Says: Need Help Voting? Here Are My Top 5 Guys On 'American Idol!'

Tue, March 1, 2011 9:30pm EDT by 6 Comments

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I can’t believe we have to cut seven guys from American Idol. There are at least 10 who deserve to stay!

Wow! It’s hard to believe, but American Idol has already turned into Sophie’s Choice. Tonight, March 1, we witnessed more flawless performances than our typical Top 5 deliver — and it’s only down to the Top 12 guys. How they want us to whittle it down to five of our favorites is beyond me.

Seeing it on the small screen was pretty awesome, but honestly, it was even cooler watching the taping last week in person. The crowd’s energy was electrifying and guys had the presence of rock stars. Judging from tonight’s performances, here are the guys who I think should be put through to the Top 5 slots:

1. James Durbin, 22: At first, James reminded me of the poor man’s Adam Lambert, but after seeing him live, it’s obvious he was born to be on stage and make a name for himself. Jennifer Lopez says his performances are “organic” and it’s true. Nothing seems rehearsed or phony, James sings and moves from the heart and it shows.

2. Casey Abrams, 20: Casey had a health scare last week that landed him in the hospital and no one was sure whether or not he’d make it to performances. Luckily he did — his sultry rendition of “I Put A Spell On You” had everyone in the crowd instantly on their feet. He reminds me of Taylor Hicks — wise beyond his years.

3. Scotty McCreery, 17: Oh, Scotty. Where to begin? First of all, confession time: After Scotty sang, I was the first one on my feet. I have an inappropriate crush on this country crooner. He’s just too cute and I’m already counting the days til he turns 18. (Yes, I know…weird.) Anyway, Scotty was born to sing country and I love how the judges recognize this in him and aren’t pushing him to sing outside his niche.

4. Paul McDonald, 26: How can you not love Paul? Just one look at his ultra-white smile warms my heart. Plus, his rendition of Rod Stewart‘s hit single was spot on. Not only does he have character, but this Nashville-native is comfortable moving around the stage and it’s obvious he’s been performing for a loooong time. He deserves more time on the show…even if his voice has a specific (and dare I say, one dimensional?) tone.

5. Jacob Lusk, 23: Last, but certainly not least, is Mr. Jacob Lusk, our token gospel singer. Listening to Jacob sing in person is indescribable — it’s an out-of-body experience. I get chills just thinking about it. As the judges said, Jacob’s voice is “divine intervention.” American Idol is lucky to have him.

The other seven guys were all outstanding as well (except maybe Jordan Dorsey, who made the worst song choice of all time with Usher‘s “OMG”). However, the five I listed stood out as being more polished and extraordinary than the rest. Luckily, it’s rumored the judges will each pick a wild card contestant, which will give us a Top 13, versus a Top 12.

Which guys do YOU think will make it to the top? Who is your favorite? Sound off below!

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