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Will Emily Maynard Accept 'Bachelor' Brad Womack's Fantasy Suite Key?

Mon, February 28, 2011 12:23pm EDT by Add first Comment

Emily is a mom and doesn’t want to set a bad example for her five-year-old daughter. But will she — in the end — choose to go to the suite with Brad?

We are down to the final three on The Bachelor. On tonight’s episode, Brad Womack and the remaining women — Emily Maynard, Chantal O’Brien and Ashley Hebert — travel to South Africa. Brad will also get the option to give each woman a key to the fantasy suite. Will Emily, one of his top two contenders, accept?

“I feel like with my relationship with Emily, I’ve taken things so slowly,” Brad tells the cameras before handing Emily the key and a note from host, Chris Harrison. “But I have a fantasy suite card with me on tonight’s date. I’m a little nervous about giving it to her. This is the only chance I’m going to have to talk to Emily in private. I want that time badly. I want to spend every second with Emily. I am hoping she accepts the invitation.”

Emily reads the invitation, which says: “Brad and Emily, welcome to the amazing country of South Africa. Should you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.”

She then looks Brad directly in the eyes. “You know, I’m a mom — obviously — to a five-year-old little girl,” Emily explains. “And I want to set a good example for her.”

Does Emily hand back the key or go with Brad to the suite? Check out The Bachelor on ABC tonight to find out! And then come back to for our instant recap.

– Lindsey DiMattina