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Andy Says: 'Toy Story 3' Should Win The Academy Award For Best Picture!

Thu, February 24, 2011 6:25pm EDT by Andy Swift 4 Comments

An animated feature has never won the Best Picture Oscar before, and ‘Toy Story 3’ is a change we can believe in. It’s the Barack Obama of cinema!

I like to root for life’s underdogs — Canada, Lindsay Lohan, and the WNBA to name a few — but that’s hardly the only reason I believe Toy Story 3 deserves to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards this Sunday. The movie is a masterpiece, one that presents an emotionally charged story through brilliant writing and stunning visuals.

I’m man enough to admit that I bawled like an orphaned baby girl when those toys held hands and waited for death (oops, spoiler alert.) But most importantly, Toy Story 3 should win Best Picture because it’s literally every other nominee rolled into one.

  • True Grit: Woody, Jessie, etc. are all cow-folk.
  • 127 Hours: Mr. Potato Head loses his arm.
  • The Kids Are All Right: Andy’s dad is M.I.A., so it’s fair to speculate that his mom might be a lesbian.
  • Winter’s Bone: The toys battle all odds to reunite with the person they love.
  • The King’s Speech: Buzz loses his ability to speak properly.
  • Black Swan: Andy is betrayed by his controlling mother, who throws out his favorite toys.
  • Inception: Embittered by the loss of the one he loved, Lots-O-Huggin Bear works to skew everyone’s perception of reality.
  • The Social Network: Lots-O-Huggin Bear moves in on Woody’s territory and steals all his friends.
  • The Fighter: The toys are put in boxes… and there are boxERS in The Fighter. (Sorry, I did not see this one.)

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