'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Tested Positive On THREE Pregnancy Tests!

Her friends and the potential baby-daddy—no, it's not Gary Shirley—are convinced she's pregnant! Uh, oh. There's some new pregnancy drama brewing for 20-year-old Amber Portwood. Friends of the Teen Mom star say she tested positive at least three times on home pregnancy tests! "When Amber tested positive, she decided to go to a local clinic to have a doctor tell her once and for all if she is expecting," one source close to the MTV reality star tells RadarOnline.com. Could she be expecting baby number two?

Amber and Gary wasted no time getting back together after no-contact order was modified!

“It’s confusing because Amber is telling people that the doctor said the test was negative, even though the home pregnancy tests came back positive, and there were a number of them, too,” the source adds.

Amber has a 2-year-old daughter Leah with on-again, off-again partner Gary Shirley, who isn’t expected to be the father this time around. She has been linked to so many men during the past few months, she doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is!

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One recent beau, tattoo artist Adam Dockery is convinced the baby is his. “She’s telling me it was negative,” he says, “but I’m not so sure if I’m believing her, though.” But now that Gary is back in Amber’s life after her no-contact order was lifted, who knows what went down.

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