Forget Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift! Your Crush, Adam Young, Wants To Be Your Valentine Too!

Taylor Swift's crush, Owl City's Adam Young, wrote her a Valentine's Day song confessing his love to her too! Will she finally have her fairytale romance? This is the sweetest Valentine we've ever heard! In her hit song "Enchanted," Taylor Swift sings about falling head over heels for Owl City's Adam Young and wishing he felt the same way. In a move straight out of a fairytale, the 24-year-old rocker responded with a Valentine's Day song for Taylor telling her he's in love with her too!

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In the original song, Taylor sings, “Please don’t be in love with someone else. Please don’t have somebody waiting on you…”

Adam responds in his song Feb. 12, “I was enchanted to meet you too. I was never in love with someone else, I never had somebody waiting on me. Cause you were all of my dreams come true, And I just wish you knew. Taylor, I was so in love with you.”

It’s almost too cute for us to handle. Taylor, 21, and Adam met last year in New York City after an Owl City concert and hit it off. He emailed her, telling her he was “wonderstruck” by her presence. They kept in touch via text messages, which she sings about in her song but they never realized how much the other person liked them…until now.

Do you think Adam and Taylor will make up for lost time now he’s professed his true feelings, or is too late for them? Would they make a cute couple?

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