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Trying To Shed Some Pounds? Get All The Details On What It's Really Like Trying A Celebrity Cleanse!

Thu, February 10, 2011 3:36pm EDT by Add first Comment

Many celebrities rely on a good detox cleanse when they prep for major award shows, so we decided to try it out too!

Right after the holidays we were all feeling sluggish around the office — and we figured why not try to get on track just like some of our favorite a-listers? Once we set our minds to it, we embarked on the three day Blue Print cleanse — but after day one we were already down a girl! Read all about what it’s really like.

Even though Jenn decided to back out of the BP Cleanse, Katrina and Marigo are still going strong. To be honest, after you make it through the first day, day two is definitely less of a struggle. We’re feeling energized, healthy, and even a little lighter — especially that we aren’t carrying any excess water weight! Without the two days of whole-wheat toast and butter in the mornings and afternoons filled with takeout, we were feeling great.

So, can it be done? Definitely!! The drinks may be all different colors but don’t be skeptical — the majority of them actually taste really good, too! For the most part, the cleanse has also been filling — not like I just had a number three from McDonald’s filling, but we aren’t fixated on finding something to scarf down!

Read all about our personal experiences here!

Jenn’s Experience:

I’m a girl who eats hamburgers more than once a week and at least 6 meals a day and not the small portions. The first sips are bearable and dare I say not even bad. I was expecting something that tasted like wet grass but was pleasantly surprised. The sixth bottle is like a milkshake with Vanilla Bean and cinnamon — quite a delightful treat! Sadly six bottles later — before 5:00PM — with Katrina and Marigo not hungry for solid food I failed my mission. By 7:00PM I was headed to sushi around the corner. I would definitely try the cleanse again but maybe on a weekend where I am not tempted by delicious food — since my fridge is always bare. The bonus, it never put me in a bad mood (like the office anticipated it would since I’m known as the moody hungry, hungry, hippo), I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t even that hungry honestly I just have a weakness for spicy tuna! I definitely recommend it and hope to try again — maybe during a weekend before my next vacation!

Marigo’s Experience:

On the second morning I woke up feeling in no way hungry, I feel great.. and lighter! DOUBLE SCORE! Throughout the day I thought about quitting and joining Jen’s team. I was craving a Greek salad with a side of pita bread but I wouldn’t give up. I eat very healthy on a normal basis, buckwheat noodles, salads, turkey sandwiches on whole wheat toast with oil and balsamic, even egg white and spinach omelets in the morning. Everyone thought I was insane for continuing but I was determined to see how good this really can be for your body. Last night I attended the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards with Bonnie Fuller, I walked her down the red carpet to get photographed and interviewed and all I could do was smell the bite-size finger foods that were being passed around. I wouldn’t do it, I couldn’t! After seeing Cee-Lo’s amazing performance we walked out into the atrium for the after party and there was that smell.. the smell of delicious event food…. only the best ever!! I clutched my Cashew milk and I was off. I got home and I felt good, really good.

Katrina’s Experience:

With Fashion Week starting up, I figured is the perfect time for a cleanse — I know I need to be as healthy as can be and I’ll need lots of energy to get through the week ahead. I was so excited to try it but I have to admit, the fact that the first drink is least enjoyable definitely left me wondering, ‘what was I thinking?’ Fast-forward to day two — so far the drinks are very filling and my stomach isn’t growling — but then I stopped by the B by Brian Atwood launch event at The Lion and met Jenn for a manicure. It’s around 8:30 and I haven’t been this hungry yet — should I cave in? I walked over to Jenn’s fridge and instead settled on my fifth drink of the day — I was so proud for staying strong! By day three, I’m getting tired of the routine and I miss chewing, but I definitely feel less sluggish (and even a bit skinnier!).