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Bonnie Says: Read Danielle Staub's Biggest Parenting Secrets: Don't Party With Your Kids, Do Discuss Birth Control & More! Exclusive Video!

Wed, February 9, 2011 6:13pm EDT by Andy Swift 12 Comments
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No matter how notorious The former ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey ‘ star (and mom of two)  appeared on the show, her two teen daughters are stellar- she’s done ALOT right. Here’s her advice for how to raise kids who will do you proud!

Danielle Staub‘s brand new show, Social, premiered at 8 p.m. on Feb 10, on WealthTV — and the reality super-mom stopped by the offices to talk about her biggest parenting tips with me. Even with all the drama going on around her, Danielle‘s two daughters  have managed to be top students, athletes and start careers- Christine, 17, is a model, and Jillian, 13,  is an aspiring pop singer. But Danielle has NO plans, to ever party in clubs  a la Dina Lohan, with her daughters. “I barely even drink myself,”, she says.

Now here, Danielle’s biggest parenting tips & secrets:

  • Enjoy the simple moments with your kids: “Take those moments and enjoy them,” Danielle says. “You only get them briefly, but sometimes those are the most important things you carry with you throughout your day.”
  • Hug first, nag later: “Sometimes if you start your day by telling your kids to make their beds, you really start to get upset about it. What about hugging for a few moments? … Then you say ‘make your beds.'”
  • Be your kids’ friend, but also maintain boundaries: I know I’ve taken a lot of heat for being [my daughters’] friend … but I also have that fine line [they] don’t cross,” Danielle explains. “When I have to adjust to being just [their] mom, [they] have to respect me.
  • Choose your battles wisely: “I don’t always choose wisely,” Danielle admits. “But at the end of the day, we always resolve [our problems] and always have a solution.”
  • Watch what you do, because your kids are: “They learn what they live,” Danielle points out. “I curse, so occasionally I’ll catch my kids cursing. …  and say- don’t do as I do, do as I say!” My biggest secret is to communicate with your kids on their level.

“The relationships with my kids are just the most precious things to me,” Danielle tells us. “That’s what gives me life everyday.”

Well said. Now,  watch our video interview for a side you’ve never seen of Danielle and be sure to watch  Social!

— Bonnie Fuller