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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Encourage Your BF's Female Friendships Like Taylor Is Supporting Jake & Carey Mulligan's?

Mon, February 7, 2011 1:01pm EDT by 4 Comments

Taylor Swift is confident enough to urge Jake Gyllenhaal to hang out with his gal pals like Carey Mulligan. Is this a smart move?

When you’re in a relationship, you naturally want to get along with your boyfriend’s buddies. However, the notoriously toughest nut to crack of all is the — duh duh duh — female BFF. That said, should Taylor Swift be encouraging or discouraging her man, Jake Gyllenhaal, from hanging out with his closest gal pals like Carey Mulligan?

Taylor, who is reportedly back together with Jake after a brief Christmastime breakup, had to suck it up and deal with the fact that he and his former Brothers co-star had a wild night out on the town in Nashville Feb. 5. After a cozy dinner at City House, the two raged until 4 a.m. at an all-night folk party. Not only was his night out with the British beauty more fun than the dates he typically shares with Taylor — which are tame affairs like apple-picking and coffee — but we can’t forget that he’s also out with a girl who’s a) gorgeous b) intelligent and c) definitely more of the indie-style gal he usually goes for.

So what should Taylor — and what should YOU — do?

For starters, DON’T ACT JEALOUS. If you start freaking out about his friendships with women, that’s a strong indicator to your guy that you’re not as chill as he assumed. Re: if you get upset over his hanging out with someone he has 0 sexual interest in, how are you going to fly off the handle about other things as well?

You know that a man’s friendship with a gal pal is sacred and very rare, so you have to approach the situation carefully. Although you may be scared to meet her, don’t shy away from said meeting. You’ve got to win her over by being cool, approachable and not appearing clingy, mothering or high-maintenance. In essence, you have to be the kind of girl she would want to hang out, so she can put her stamp of approval on the relationship.

In the Taylor/Jake/Carey situation, Taylor should suggest doing drinks (now that she’s officially legal) the next time Carey is in town, and should be her approachable, adorably goofy self. If Carey is as cool as she looks (and not the mean, over-protective kind of female BFF), she’ll encourage Jake to keep on dating Taylor.

Remember, you never want to tell a guy that he can’t do something or can’t be friends with someone — he’s only going to do the opposite. So be pro-female friend — it’s only going to benefit you in the long run.


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