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Bonnie Says: Forget Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber Is A REAL Teen Role Model Parents Can Love Too!

Thu, February 3, 2011 5:08pm EDT by 16 Comments

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Parents, it’s time to get behind a 16-year-old that you should want your teen or tween to look up to. Here’s why you need to take them to see his new film, ‘Never Say Never’

I know the drill. Most parents roll their eyes when I tell them I actually like Justin Bieber‘s music and I didn’t have to be forced to take my 13-year-old daughter Leilah and her friends to one of his concerts this summer.

But here’s what I have to tell you — you should pay attention to Bieber Fever. You should encourage it in your household. In fact, you should thank the Lord there is a Justin Bieber.

You need to understand that he is not some manufactured in-studio synthesized creation.

This kid actually has talent. Major talent. He is pretty much a Michael Jackson-real musical prodigy. He sings, plays drums and guitar, and writes music exceedingly well! He doesn’t need any fancy tomfoolery in studio to sound great.

And he works hard. Exceptionally hard. He has been self-driven to perform since he was three years- old and he loves, loves, loves to sing. He’d sing every day, all day long if he could.

His new bio-documentary movie, Never Say Never, opens next week on Feb. 11 and it tells his young life story. It truly is a fascinating and inspiring story that puts Miley Cyrus — who doesn’t want to be a role model — to shame.

Bieber wasn’t born like Cyrus, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, into musical royalty. He had absolutely no advantages. He’s the son of a single teenage mom who grew up in the small Canadian city of Stratford, Ontario.Before Justin Bieber came along, it was known primarily for its annual Shakespeare Festival.

Now, Bieber is the anti-Miley — though he would never say that. He embraces his opportunity to be a role model to the millions of young girls and women who worship him. And he delivers a message that all of us devoted parents give to our daughters — never give up on your dreams.

In his words: “It’s a little motto I live by. There’s going to be times in your life,” he tells his fans, “when people tell you , you can’t do something, and when they tell you, you can’t live your dreams. . . and this is what I tell them…. ‘Never Say Never!'”

Inspiring? Yes. That’s why you need to take your daughters on a double date with Justin Bieber next weekend to see his compelling and completely entertaining new film, and in the meantime, watch this clip:

EXCLUSIVE ‘NEVER SAY NEVER’ CLIP! Watch Justin Bieber Get Ready for the Performance of His Life!

. . .and be thrilled that there is a teen role model that doesn’t bong- smoke, flash his private parts, stumble out of night clubs or smash up expensive cars.

That would be Justin Bieber — Hooray!

–Bonnie Fuller