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Charlie Sheen Is No Lindsay Lohan…Cocaine, Prostitutes & Rehab — He’s Still Untouchable, Say Experts!

Wed, February 2, 2011 3:26pm EDT by 7 Comments (2) (2)

Charlie Sheen has no Kryptonite — he can screw up worse than Lindsay Lohan and still come out ahead! Do YOU think that’s fair?

After landing herself in jail and rehab more times than we care to count, Lindsay Lohan is uninsurable and undesirable in Hollywood. That said, if we were betting types, we’d put Charlie Sheen in the same boat — he assaulted his wife, hooked up with prostitutes and landed in the hospital after a 36-hour cocaine bender. However, two Hollywood insiders say Charlie remains untouchable, while Lindsay has a looong way out of the dog house! How is that fair?

“His image isn’t affected because this is what everyone is expecting,” celebrity image expert Michael Sands tells us. “We’ve accepted Charlie Sheen for what he is and who he is. He’s someone who has a serious disease and we’re not going to penalize him.”

So why does Charlie, 45, get ANOTHER pass and 24-year-old Lindsay is still the leper of Hollywood?

Explains a film and TV producer, who prefers to remain nameless, “Lindsay ruined her potential. She messed up young and hasn’t come back from it yet. She keeps making crappy movies and crappy decisions. Meanwhile, Charlie keeps making us laugh and has proven himself in adversity — that’s a HUGE difference!”

Adds Sands, “Everyone will hire Charlie because he knows how to bring viewers in and bring in the money. That’s Hollywood. He’s not hurting anyone except himself. “

Charlie reportedly makes $2-million per episode of his CBS hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men, which is currently on hiatus while he seeks help for his addictions. “The show really revolves around him as an actor, and he’s very good at what he does,” says Sands, explaining why Charlie never gets fired. “He plays himself on his show, just with less coke and strippers and its the #1 show, so America has accepted Charlie being that way,” adds our film and TV insider, reiterating Sands’s opinion.

Lindsay, on the other hand, hasn’t had a hit since her 2004 comedy, Mean Girls, and is struggling to get work.  Ultimately, we’d love for both of these talented actors to get back on the sober band wagon and keep entertaining us — but after all they have both been through, do YOU think it will actually happen?

Kirstin Benson