Camille Grammer Says She And Kelsey Didn't Have Sex For Two Years — And She Wonders Why He Cheated??

Camille stopped by The View Jan. 31 and things got pretty tense as Barbara Walters totally grilled the reality star about why she thought it was okay to be in a sexless marriage!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer, 43, was on The View Jan. 31 to discuss the recent reunion special of her hit show and Barbara Walters was all over her! “You implied on part one of the reunion show that you and Kelsey Grammer hadn’t had sex in a couple years,” Barbara said. “Why were you surprised that he wanted someone else?” OUCH! Camille shot back, “You should ask him!” But Barbara wouldn’t let up, so Camille finally said, “Something just didn’t click with us on an intimate level. But we were best friends.” Wow! And she was surprised that he had an affair??

Barbara remained tough on Camille throughout the interview. When she started to talk about how sad she is that Kelsey cheated on her, Barbara shrugged, “You’ve also lost a man who was not your lover!” HA! That’s hilarious, Barbara! But HARSH!

Camille, who looked AMAZING in a fitted black sheath, also said that she met Kelsey’s new fiancee, Kayte Walsh on her last trip to New York City. “I was up in my room with the kids and I got a text from Kelsey, ‘Kayte and I will be in the lobby to pick up the kids in 5 minutes,'” Camille recounted. “So I went right down to the lobby and introduced myself to Kayte. Kelsey was steaming!”

Regardless of their problems, Camille still seemed genuinely upset over the end of her marriage. She seemed to be on the verge on tears numerous times and whn asked about rumors she was stalling the divorce simply said, “I want this divorce to be over with and in the past.”

As for Kelsey’s affair, Camille again stated she was unsure when it started, just that she found out during filming of her show around the time everyone else in the world did. “He wants what he wants right away,” is all she said about his rush into marriage. “He’s like a child.”

Though their marriage may had turn sexless in the end Camille still seemed shocked she has lost her “best friend.” Luckily, the ladies of The View concocted the perfect revenge — crash the wedding! Joy Behar even recommended she wear all white and a tiara. Now that would make for some GREAT television!

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