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Kristin Says – Lady Gaga Says She Wants Her Perfume To Smell Like Blood and Semen?!? GROSS!

Thu, January 27, 2011 11:46am EDT by 5 Comments
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The pop icon wants her new signature fragrance to smell like bodily fluids. Is THAT the scent YOU’D prefer to wear?!?

Lady Gaga is well known for being completely outrageous and has made an entire career out of being as talented as she is offbeat. Well, this recent announcement of how she would prefer to have her signature scent smell is…shall we say, less than appetizing? She wants it to smell like blood and semen? GAG! Read on, beauty fans!

Fashionista reports that insiders who are responsible for creating the pop star’s forthcoming celebrity fragrance say that she’s requested it to – and you can’t make this stuff up –  “smell of blood and semen.”

Now, in Gaga’s defense, this isn’t the first time this scent has been requested. Designer Rad Hourani listed semen as one of the inspirations for the fragrance he created for Six Scents. Tom Ford reported listed “a man’s crotch” as one of the inspirations behind his best-selling fragrance, Black Orchid.

I’m all for unusual inspirations – and maybe the two separately are totally fine – but when you think about the mixture of these two elements, you don’t even want to SEE it, much less SMELL it or SMELL LIKE IT.

You know what’s crazy? Lady Gaga is an absolute genius. It’ll probably smell amazing and sell out everywhere. The funny thing is, when you tell people what you’re wearing, do you describe EXACTLY what those top notes are? My guess is no or the scent could be called “Lady GAG-a.”

I digress. What are you thoughts on this? Are YOU inspired to buy Lady Gaga’s fragrance knowing the whole blood and semen thing? Vote now!


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