'Jersey Shore' Recap: Sammi Hits Ronnie In The Face & J-Woww & Sammi Finally Make Amends!

This episode of 'Jersey Shore' was all about the Sammi and Ronnie drama -- and this time it got physical. Did she finally go too far? The constant fighting between Sammi and Ronnie is definitely not unusual in the Jersey Shore house, but this episode, things got a little bit too crazy. Sammi was acting super jealous when everyone was at the club, and she was obviously really drunk. When they got back to the house, Sammi immediately started falsely accusing Ronnie of touching other girls. The accusation made Ronnie furious, and when Sammi left the bedroom, he went into the closet and threw her clothes all over the room -- I couldn't believe he did that!

I’m pretty sure Ronnie was even more upset about the situation than Sammi was, because he went downstairs and actually started crying. Despite their rocky past from Miami, J-Woww went over to console Ronnie. They end up apologizing to each other for their fight in Miami, and J-Woww says what everyone in the house is thinking: that Ronnie doesn’t deserve what Sammi has been putting him through.

But things don’t stay quiet for too long. Once Sammi finds out that Ronnie and J-Woww are talking, she starts screaming at him, asking if him and J-Woww are friends again. When Ronnie won’t give her an answer, she punches him in the face! Even though it didn’t look like she hit him that hard, you should still NEVER hit your boyfriend (or girlfriend) during an argument! Sammi definitely took it way too far. She threatens to leave the house, but ends up apologizing to Ronnie, and doesn’t leave. Even she realizes she messed up, saying “It’s disgusting that I took it to that level.” Ronnie ignores her at first, but eventually gives in, and agrees to give Sammi another chance. I can’t say I didn’t see that one coming!

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is doing their own thing. J-Woww seems to be getting more serious with Roger, while Deena is still hanging out with Dean, the Ronnie-look-alike from the last episode. Vinny and Snooki buy a stripper pole for the house, because as Vinny says, “This house needs a stripper pole.”

This is one episode that has a happy ending — Sammi and J-Woww, who were the last two in the house still feuding from last season, finally make up! J-Woww offers to get Sammi a drink, and they apologize to each other. Sammi says, “I’m done with the mean bone in my body.”

Everything is drama free — for now! But the next episode brings yet another Sammi and Ronnie fight, so who knows what will happen there. And hopefully we’ll get to see more of Mike, Vinny, Pauly D, and Snooki next time — they are definitely the funniest people on the show!

— Jessica Booth

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