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Mother Of Three Missing Michigan Boys Is Staying Hopeful That They're Alive & She Will Be Reunited Soon

Tue, January 25, 2011 10:59am EDT by 1 Comment

Although it’s been almost two months since her three little boys went missing, Tanya Skelton is confident that they will return home safe and sound.

Three young Michigan brothers, who vanished the day after Thanksgiving, are still missing. But Tanya Skelton, the mother of Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7 and Tanner, 5, has yet to give up hope that they will be found. “In my heart, I feel that they are still alive, and I just am waiting for the right clue or tip to come in, or for their father to finally decide to tell who he gave the children to,” Tanya, 44, says in an interview with People magazine. We can only pray that the three boys will be returned home to their heartbroken mother.

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The three boys disappeared after their father John Skelton, who planned on committing suicide, claimed to hand them off to a friend, Joann Taylor, who he met online. He said he did that to keep them out of harm’s way. After investigators cleared Joann of any involvement, John changed his story and said he gave the boys to an “organization.” Since then he’s kept quiet and has been safely guarded by his lawyer. After investigating different leads, Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks announced on Nov. 30 that police are not expecting a positive outcome in this case. But, even so, Tanya isn’t giving up on her kids. We don’t blame her. HollyMoms, would you hold on to hope, too?

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After the boys disappearance, Tanya had to spend two days in the hospital because her blood pressure skyrocketed. She explains, “When I finally came back to the world, it wasn’t with thoughts that they were gone but that they are alive and I need to find them.” Tanya believes that John, the devoted father and nonviolent man she lived with for 10 years, could never harm their children, let alone kidnap or kill them. She thinks that John isn’t talking because he’s protecting the person who has the boys and believes that individual is being careful not to let the boys be seen together because police are looking for three brothers. “They’re going to bring them out one at a time,” she says.

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While Tanya doesn’t think John’s a threat, she did notice his odd behavior around September when he decided to take the boys to Florida, saying he wanted to relocate there. Tanner was so scared that he stayed behind with Tanya while Andrew and Alexander went with their father. When John failed to bring her two boys home, she had to go to court to get him to come back to Michigan. Tanya then filed for divorce but went to counseling with John in hopes of keeping their family together.

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“I wanted it to work,” she says, “I wanted that happy family of five again.” When John asked to have the kids on Thanksgiving, Tanya didn’t realize she would never see their faces again.”The deeper and longer it goes the more I realize this isn’t the man I fell in love with. I should be tucking my boys into bed and reading them stories, and not lying awake at night thinking about what happened. It’s so hard that we’re coming up on two months and nobody is coming forward. It’s hard – and it hurts.” HollyMoms, can you even begin to imagine what this woman is going through? My heart breaks for her. And everyone here is praying that she has a happy reunion with her three boys very soon.

–Leigh Blickley

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