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Michelle Money Threatens To Give 'Bachelor' Brad Womack A Black Eye If She Doesn't Get A Date!

Mon, January 24, 2011 10:50pm EDT by Add first Comment

Michelle wakes up with a black eye and no one knows how she got it! But it gets better … she then threatens to give Brad one too! Can you believe this?

Oh no you didn’t Brad Womack! You gave crazy Michelle Money another rose on the Jan. 24th episode of The Bachelor after she threatened to give you a black eye!

“Theres a really good chance that if I dont get a one-on-one date this week, Brad might get his own black eye,” Michelle tells the cameras … just moments after they cut away from showing Michelle’s own wound.

“I woke up with a black eye,” Michelle explains to Brad. “I must have had a rough night of sleep last night.”

Thank goodness Brad asks Michelle on a one-on-one date, otherwise who knows what would have happened to him.

On their date, Brad helps Michelle confront her fear of heights by taking her propelling down the side of a skyscraper, only instead the date causes Michelle to have more reason to feel superior to the other women in the Bachelor mansion. “What we went through today is mine and mine alone,” Michelle brags. “None of the other girls can even compare. Boom [she throws a punch at the camera].”

Brad’s only other one-on-one date is with Chantal O’Brien, the rumored winner of this season and ironically Michelle’s gravest competition. Brad seems to have the most genuine connection with this woman and openly talks to her about their joined futures.

“I care for you very much,” Brad tells Chantal. “I want to continue this with you so badly!”

Wow. Good thing Michelle didn’t hear those words of endearment … she probably would have broke into a jealous rage. “I don’t think Brad’s looking for someone like Chantal,” Michelle laughs.

Too bad Ms. Money is completely wrong about this. And hopefully it won’t be long until Brad sends crazy packing!

Meghan, Stacey and Lindsay were all sent home on tonight’s episode.

– Lindsey DiMattina