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Kristin Says: The Debate About President Obama Coloring His Hair Is Ridiculous – And I'll Tell You Why!

Fri, January 21, 2011 5:52pm EDT by 1 Comment
Getty Images

You know those rumors flying with two photos of the President with drastically different hair? They’re kind of hilarious – and WRONG!

Today, a few posts came out around the Internet with these exact two photos of President Barack Obama (in this exact order without the dates on them, might I add) with quizzical headlines implying that the President has dyed his hair. Um, yeah, that’s not really the case and I’ll explain why. Pull up a chair and let’s discuss the Commander In Chief’s coif, shall we?

Again, I’m not trying to point out the obvious here but..

1) These photos have been displayed as the photo on the left as the “Before” photo and the one on the right as the “After” photo. A quick search of some of the photo sites revealed -voila! – the photos are in the wrong date order! The photo on the left was taken the day AFTER the photo on the right. Why would you ADD grey to your hair?

2) As an African-American man, the President might use pomade on his hair to keep it moisturized since his hair is natural. It can cause the hair to be rather shiny and it can have a strange grey cast in photographs. Not to mention that weird blue lighting he’s standing under. Who looks good under THAT lighting, might I ask?

I’m going to have to weigh in on this one and say that, in this case at least, the President has not colored his hair between these two photographs.  It’s just a case of bad light and people getting the photos out of date order.

Not sure why we’re more interested in what he’s doing with his hair than we are with what’s going on with the country. When it comes to hair questions, there’s a much more beautiful, interesting person to talk about: his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. Let’s leave the hair commentary to her. Way more fascinating and a gorgeous subject, don’t you agree?


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