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Jenelle Evans, You Should Be Ashamed For Not Wanting To Know Who Fathered Your Son Jace! He Deserves The Truth!

Wed, January 19, 2011 11:15am EDT by 31 Comments

The Teen Mom 2 star doesn’t want to know who her son Jace’s real father is. What is wrong with her?

Although Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans has been claiming that her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis is the father of 1-year-old Jace, the truth is, she doesn’t really know. Apparently troublemaker Jenelle, 19, has been keeping a big secret! An ex-fling, Stephen Fullwood, who happened to be Jenelle’s best friend Tori Rhyne‘s boyfriend at the time, might be her baby daddy!

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“Tori still doesn’t know to this day that Jenelle hooked up with Stephen,” Jenelle’s confidant Kaylin Zorich tells OK! magazine. “Jenelle thinks Jace’s father might be Stephen, but she doesn’t want Tori to get mad at her.” That should be the least of her concerns! She needs to find out who her baby’s daddy is for the sake of her son, if nothing else. Doesn’t he deserve to grow up knowing who to send a Father’s Day card to?

Due to their heavy drinking and partying, Andrew, 25, and Jenelle’s relationship was filled with physical violence. “He hit her,” says Kaylin. “He tried to push her out of a window and broke her laptop — she even pressed charges.” But despite this erratic behavior, the couple was actively trying to have a baby. “Andrew tried to get Jenelle pregnant for the longest time,” Kaylin explains. “He went off to rehab, and then he got out and she was pregnant. The whole time  he was away Jenelle was at Stephen Fullwood’s house every day.”

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Of course not knowing any of this when Jace was born Andrew put his name on the baby’s birth certificate and continues to pay Jenelle, who is currently dating Kieffer Delp, 21, child support. “She won’t talk about it,” Kieffer tells OK! “She wants to believe it’s Andrew. But Andrew doesn’t think he’s the dad, from what I hear.”

Despite not knowing, Jenelle refuses to get a paternity test done. “It would suck to find out Andrew wasn’t the dad and he’s been paying child support for a kid that’s not even his,” Kaylin says. “When Jenelle was pregnant, Stephen told her, ‘If it’s mine, I’m going to take care of it and you can come live with me.'”

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But, by the sounds of it, Stephen won’t be finding out if he’s a dad anytime soon. “She won’t have a DNA test because she doesn’t want to know,” Kaylin says of Jenelle. “She and Stephen were not an item. She’s still a little in love with Andrew. She hopes he’s the dad. She wants to think that after all that time with Andrew, he’s the one.”

Poor Jace. He was definitely born into a crazy, mixed-up situation. We just hope Jenelle gets her act together and takes a DNA test to get to the bottom of this mystery, once and for all.

–Leigh Blickley

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