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Russ Says: New Dad Keith Urban Sings While He Pees & Other Juicy “Golden” Globe Details!

Mon, January 17, 2011 6:20pm EDT by Russ Weakland 5 Comments
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Get an inside look at my night with all the celebrities at the NBC after party!

I went to the Golden Globes – which is best described as the most fun night of the year in Hollywood – and let me tell you that it lived up to that claim one celebrity at a time! I stood side-by-side with Robert Pattinson, was serenaded by Keith Urban, and even had a Justin Bieber encounter!

As the show wrapped up I saw Justin headed down the foyer and attempted to walk after him to say hi. Instead I ended up dodging into the men’s bathroom where Nicole Kidman‘s husband was singing loudly as he peed. I never thought my first Keith Urban concert would be in the threshold of the tiniest bathroom in the world, but lets just say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Now, with the recent news that he and Nicole just had a second baby together, it makes sense as to why he was so ecstatic!

I left the bathroom only to bump into Anne Hathaway, who was introducing Adam Shulman as “my man” to other celebrities. Halle Berry was clinging on to Oliver Martinez and couldn’t stop smiling. I headed into the NBC Universal after party where I bumped into Twilight’s Peter Facinelli at the bar getting two coronas and a white wine. Peter was texting his wife Jennie Garth the update of his whereabouts, making me instantly realize who wears the pants in that relationship. But what I thought was more funny was he has her name in his phone as Jennie Garth, not Jennie, Babe, Wife or some type of pet name. Maybe he wants to remind himself who he’s married to everytime he looks at the phone? I know I would!

Unfortunately I didn’t find the Biebs again, but I did see R-Patz taking photos at the NBC party, before he headed out to the patio to smoke with three other guys. He looked completely comfortable, and was smiling to those girls that were fawning over his presence. He took it all in stride.

A sobering moment was when I crossed paths with Matt Damon, who was arm in arm with his wife, I mentioned to him my dismay over the New England Patriots loss, where he was quick to add in his own disappointment, “Man, that was brutal.” But disappointment turned into a school boy crush as I crossed paths with Malin Akerman, Carrie Underwood and Lea Michele who all looked stunning. It was a feast on the eyes for sure!

IN SUMMARY: The Golden Globes experience is completely out of control, it is the epitome of fun and it is the one time that celebrities and the normal folk hang out together. Imagine it being a wedding, where you know everyone, the food is great, the drinks are better and every famous person you ever wanted to see was a step away. It was quite a dream night!

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