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Victoria Beckham Removed Her Breast Implants! Did She Do This Because She's Pregnant?

Tue, January 11, 2011 1:38pm EDT by 1 Comment

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Was Victoria nervous about having implants while she was pregnant or did she just want to go back down to her natural size? Read what our experts have to say!

Victoria Beckham is on a quest to look more natural now that she’s got a baby on board. In a recent interview with Vogue UK, the 36-year-old Fashion Designer admits that she got rid of her huge breast implants! “No torpedo bazookas,” she says. Could being pregnant with her fourth child be the reason that Victoria decided to have her large implants removed? Experts tell that taking them out could cause more harm than leaving them in!

“It is safe to have breast implants during a pregnancy,” explains Dr. Tara Solomon, Medical Director of The Women’s Wellness Center of South Florida.

Victoria & David Beckham are expecting baby number 4!

When having the implants surgically put in, “there is a risk of cutting milk ducts with an incision around the nipple but the risk is low and most patients can breast feed,” adds plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek. “Taking them out theoretically increases the risk because there is more surgery and another incision which might injure the milk ducts.”

But if this doesn’t happen, women can definitely breast feed with implants in. “Implants have no effect on milk production,” agree both Dr. Solomon and Dr. Fallek. “There are no safety issues,” confirms plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber. “It doesn’t effect breast feeding, because the implant is behind the breast.”

Victoria Beckham doesn’t think she will have a baby girl!

If Victoria had a breast lift after the implants were removed though, it’s possible that scar tissues could also form around the nipple, which would complicate things quite a bit. During breast feeding in this situation, “the milk is produced but there is no where for it to go,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. “The scars can get in the way of the milk production and of milking coming out of the nipple.”

All of our experts agree: “It’s completely safe to have implants while your pregnant!” So it sounds like Mrs. Beckham dropped her gigantic knockers just because she wanted to get back to natural, petite size. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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