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New Study Links Giving Babies Under Six Months Antibiotics With An Increase In Asthma

Mon, January 10, 2011 9:00am EDT by Add first Comment

iStockInfants being administered antibiotics before they’re six months old are 70 percent more likely to develop the lung disease asthma.

HollyMoms, if you have a newborn at home you MUST read this report. Yale University scientists have found a link between antibiotics and asthma in newborns. According to their findings, babies given one dose of antibiotics before they are six months old are 40 percent more likely to develop the life threatening breathing disease. But, if they’re given two or more antibiotic treatments in that time their odds of developing asthma increase 70 percent! That’s so scary!

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The study focused on young babies who had been prescribed the medication to treat non-chest-related infections. They also included children whose parents have no history of asthma.

But, why would these helpful drugs end up hurting a baby? The Yale scientists found that the drugs can throw off the balance of protective microbes in a baby’s tummy, which help to defend against illness during their early years.

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Despite the Yale findings, some experts still believe that the drugs aren’t to blame, insisting that the child was destined to develop asthma anyway. A family history of the disease can play a major role and is more likely the cause, suggest other experts.

Having read this, HollyMoms, will you think twice before letting your doctor prescribe antibiotics for your bundle of joy?

–Amy L. Harper

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