Poor Leah, It's Not Only Teen Mom Amber Who's A Bad Parent — Gary Is Too!

Although it seems that Amber Portwood is the only parent neglecting her child, it sounds like Gary Shirley isn't all he's cracked up to be! Their 2-year-old, Leah, is their last priority. Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is obviously not the ideal mother, but it sounds like her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley is no better than she is!  In Touch magazine reports that he refers to Amber as a "Deadbeat Mom," but sadly both parents neglect their 2-year-old daughter, Leah, and find things like partying more important than spending time with their little girl. So sad. "Gary goes out all the time, and he drops at least $200 [a night] on drinks alone," a friend of the pair tells the magazine. "I've never seen him with his daughter. He is way more interested in girls and partying than parenting."

Amber to be reunited with Leah — is this ok?

Apparently, Gary, 22, is a regular at the Anderson, Ind., strip club, Hoosier Girls, where bartenders and bouncers know him very well. “Some nights Gary and his friends will stay out until 6 a.m. while someone babysits Leah,” the source adds.

Gary didn’t even get Christmas presents for Leah!

And aside from his partying, Gary is quite the hot head. Amber, 20, was just released from jail where she was held on two counts of domestic violence and battery against her ex (and one count of child neglect), but apparently Gary isn’t an innocent victim. When he heard a rumor that Amber was dating three guys at once, Gary flipped. “He started asking a ton of questions about them,” the friend says. “He started Facebooking all of the guys on his phone right then.” And when Amber finally called, he started screaming at her, saying, ‘You’re a slut, you’re a b**ch, you’re a nasty whore.'” The friend adds, “He’s still jealous and he doesn’t want anybody else to have her.”

Teen birth rates at an all-time low!

Although Leah is being taken care of by Gary’s mother most of the time, it sounds like her parents might be rekindling their crazy, violent romance — uh-oh. “Gary and Amber definitely still love each other, but neither of them wants to be tied down right now,” the source says. “Everyone knows that Amber isn’t good for Gary, and that she doesn’t treat him right, but for some reason they make sense together.”

This could explain why Amber was in tears yesterday when the judge ordered her to have no contact with Gary, and also why he is seeking to have Amber’s restaining order dropped.

These two need to get their act together for their daughter’s sake. She is already a ward of the state, but if their bad behavior continues, it’s only a matter of time till they lose custody of their little girl for good!

–Leigh Blickley

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