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Oh-Oh! Heidi Klum And Seal's Kids Are Riding A Segway Without A Helmet!

Mon, December 27, 2010 10:58am EDT by 1 Comment
Posted Mon, December 27, 2010 10:58am EDT

While it looked like a fun day at the park, we wish the supermodel and her singer husband had made their kids strap on some safety gear as they played with their new Christmas present.

If you ask us, Heidi Klum and Seal rank right up there as two of Hollywood’s best parents, but they showed a lapse in judgement on the weekend, when they let their kids Henry, 5, and Leni, 6, ride a Segway without a helmet when the family went to Coldwater Creek Park in LA for a chilly play date on Sunday (Dec. 26).

We’re not being dramatic — even the Segway website says: “Know to wear a helmet and to use good judgment while riding.”

Check out Heidi’s tattoo that she got in honor of her kids

At least the kids were on grass and not hard pavement. Despite this oversight, Heidi, 37, and Seal, 47, and their four kids had a great time, chasing each other through the fallen leaves and getting a push from Dad on the swing set. Seal whipped out his camera to take pics of their adorable baby Lou, 1, who was dressed in a puffy pink coat and nibbled on a snack as she checked out the park’s rides.

Angelina Jolie, J. Lo and Heidi Klum all tote this hot mom bag!

It was a chance for Heidi to enjoy some downtime before she starts work on Seriously Funny Kids, a new show that debuts on Lifetime next month. In promo ads, Heidi rides around on a kids’ tricycle, proving that she’s in touch with her inner child. “I have four children under the age of six, and to be honest, sometimes I enjoy them more than adults,” she says. “They’re uncensored, unpredictable, and absolutely hilarious.”

While it’s no Project Runway, we’re looking forward to seeing Heidi’s new show… if only to see how kids react to Heidi and her accent.

–Kathy Campbell

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