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Kirstin Says: Did Lindsay Lohan Get Into A Rehab Fight Just To Get Attention?

Wed, December 22, 2010 1:29pm EDT by Add first Comment

Just as she was disappearing from the headlines and cleaning up her act, Lilo had to blow it by getting involved in ANOTHER scandal — but it seems like the whole thing was on purpose!

I’ve been a Lindsay Lohan supporter from day one. Throughout this entire last year of jail time, court dates and rehab, I’ve held out hope the 24-year-old actress will pull herself together and come back out on top, but now I’m beginning to doubt it’s going to happen. Lindsay is OBSESSED with attention and trouble. She finds scandal like a duck finds water…and her most recent Betty Ford incident is no exception.

Both sides of the story seem shady to me. The Betty Ford Clinic lady claims Lindsay pushed her when she tried to give the problematic starlet a breathalyzer, after she waltzed in after curfew. Apparently, Lindsay refused the test and then knocked the woman’s cell phone out of her hand.

Meanwhile, Lindsay says SHE was victim and had to call 911 after getting assaulted by the employee. Who knows what really happened, but it makes me wonder what the heck is going on in one of the highest acclaimed rehabs in the country.

Shouldn’t scandals like this one be almost impossible in a high security, well established institution like Betty Ford? Even if Lindsay WAS the victim (I doubt it), why is it always HER who gets into trouble? Hasn’t she hit rock bottom enough?

Judge Elden Fox has got to be kicking himself for giving her another shot. Lindsay doesn’t want to help herself and we’re all sitting her watching it happen. Just when you think she’s actually cleaned up her act, something like this goes down.

Lindsay, you’re losing your cheerleading team. Hollywood loves a comeback, but you’re wearing us down and disappointing us left and right. By the time you actually DO sober up, even your most devoted fans will have little interest in you. Behave yourself in rehab, stay out of the headlines for a year and THEN do something to shock us…like make a good movie! Until then, we’re sick of your problems.


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