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Bonnie Says: Sarah Palin Trashed Michelle Obama & Dissed Willow's Boyfriend On New 'Alaska!'

Mon, December 20, 2010 9:30am EDT by HL Intern 45 Comments

Sarah Palin, the Lipstick Pitbull, doesn’t pull punches and she landed one squarely on the First Lady’s chin during last night’s episode of Sarah Palin’s ‘Alaska.’

“Where’s the s’mores ingredients,” she asked her kids on their gigantic RV, as the family headed out on a camping trip.  When she found the marshmallos she announced “This is in honor of The First Lady, who says we shouldn’t have dessert!”

Pow! She knocked Michelle for her well-lauded “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign.

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Normally, politicians don’t take swings at First Ladies, unless you have Hillary Clinton in the role and she doesn’t like baking cookies. But Sarah clearly has no respect for the presidential spouse’s role….oh, unless, Todd occupies it as First Dude. Is huntin’, shootin’, halibut bashin’ Palin intimidated by the Obama biceps? are Michelle’s more manned up than hers? You have to wonder.

Sarah also has no respect for her daughters’ romantic interests, though after Bristol‘s epically bad baby daddy choice — Levi Johnston — I can understand why she’s giving the evil eye to Willow‘s paramour, Andy Almom.

Sarah says she allowed Willow’s “little friend Andy” to come along on the family camping trip after he agreed to help out. Of course, that was long before he just found out he got the Palin diss on national TV last night. Bet he’ll be less romantic after being publicly humiliated by being called “little friend”.

As usual, Fox News commentator Sarah — a member of the press herself — took a swing at the media. She’s thrilled to go rafting in the episode “to get away from the press.”

“I’m happy to get the heck away from idiots and bloggers who do not like our family,” she rails. “We all make mistakes. I feel bad for [my kids’] mistakes because their mistakes play out on the front page of the The National Enquirer, which really sucks for them,” she grumbles.

Well, Sarah, Bristol’s “mistake” was obviously going to play out in the press — c’mon, you were famously pro-abstinence as a VP candidate at the same time your 16-year-old was knocked up. Now, she’s a Dancing With The Stars star, and you appear on your own reality show, so, for your family, the media exposure will continue to suck, since you’ve put your family front and center in the press.

Once again, Sarah made sure we knew she likes action that’s “challenging and physically exerting,” as she shouts “paddle” and “go baby go” while she rafts.

If we weren’t tired enough from that, the pre-presidential Palin shows off her tough stuff some more with four-wheeling and clay pidgeon shooting. The NRA must be beyond thrilled and getting ready to bankroll their girl.

What I did find somewhat comforting: The Palins go off fossil hunting and Sarah acknowledges that the fossils are millions of years old. Maybe, she does believe in evolution after all!

— Bonnie Fuller


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