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Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin, Teen Moms & More — The 10 Biggest Reality Divas Of 2010!

Sat, December 18, 2010 6:45pm EDT by 7 Comments
Posted Sat, December 18, 2010 6:45pm EDT

They make great money, have limited responsibility other than being heightened versions of themselves and get to enjoy the wonders of television infamy — so why are these ten reality stars such divas?

Some television stars are paid money to reenact emotionally devastating scenes or gruesome situations, and then there are the ones who are paid to sit around and drink, whine and judge. Whereas America used to tune into the fun loving cast of Friends, we now have the cast of the Jersey Shore, who decided they needed to be making at least $30,000 an episode to drunkenly embarrass themselves. Or Kate Gosselin, who, well, she’s just always straight up difficult. Take a look at our top ten reality divas of 2010 and vote on the biggest!

  • Kate Gosselin: She may be the mother of eight children, but this loud ball of complaints almost always behaves as if she is the youngest. Whether she is whining about the conditions of an Alaskan camping trip, getting in her seemingly endless array of tanning and hair appointments or just mortifying us all with her utter lack of rhythm, you can be sure she is doing it with a frown and a highly negative comment.
  • Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley: Where oh where to begin with America’s sweethearts. The teen parents became the poster children for why one would never, ever, want to be in a relationship as they spent week after week yelling, fighting and almost completely ignoring the 2-year-old daughter they are raising. Meet the Jon and Kate of the Facebook Generation folks.
  • Sarah Palin: She loves the woods and hates common sense, but it turns out Sarah’s version of low key living involves a lot of highly expensive flights, guided boat tours and costly gear. In addition, her actually reality has always been a mess and she has the clothing bill to prove it — to the tune of $150,000.
  • Kim Kardashian: Hands down the nicest, and far and away the most attractive, star on the list, Kim’s diva behavior stems less from her attitude and more from her full blown OCD. Her all white house cannot be dirtied, America has never seen her anything less than camera ready and her clothes are nothing if not impeccable — a diva attitude we should all possibly aspire to.
  • Jersey Shore cast: Most Americans celebrate the end of the work week, or a difficult day, by spending their hard earned money on a few drinks. These Ed Hardy delights however decided to hold out for a new season of their inexplicable reality hit by demanding MTV pay them more money — to drink. Sadly, they were rewarded with $30,000 and episode and a slew of other financial opportunities teaching America’s youth they should throw away the schoolbooks and build up their tolerance.
  • Nene Leakes: The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a diva packed cast, but if there is one standout it is good old Nene. She doesn’t take slack from anyone, and does not sit by quietly when she feels she has been offended. Be it on-again off-again pal Kim Zolciak or her own husband, Nene is never shy to tell it how it is and back it up.
  • Bethenny Frankel: From being a wifeless housewife to hocking her line of tasteless low calorie goods, Bethenny has always found a way to promote her “brand.” Her latest step, being a contestant on America’s favorite disaster program — Skating With the Stars. Only Bethenny has decided she does not care what the judges say, which is mostly that she’s awful, and instead says she is skating for America. America wants you to know Bethenny, we agree with the judges.
  • Teresa Giudice: Living her lavish life, by way of New Jersey, Teresa showed that it takes neither class nor money to enjoy the finer things in life — be it Italian trips, eight foot tall vases or endless shopping trips with your ever growing pack of daughters. Teresa’s divatude became somewhat diminished however when it was discovered she and her hubby Joe were millions in debt.
  • Tyra Banks: I mean, is there any need for an explanation here?
  • Johnny Weir: The flamboyant figure skater brought his blend of overly dramatic diva antics to not one, not two, but three reality programs this year. First up, the Olympics, where after two seemingly perfect skates her incomprehensibly failed to medal. Then, he took center stage on his own Sundance program, Be Good Johnny Weir, where he bathed with BFF Paris and extolled the virtues of Balenciaga bags and male make-up. Finally, he closed it all out with his stint as a judge on Skating With the Stars and let Bethenny have it on episode four — and it is safe to say this diva definitely OWNED that diva.

-Chris Spargo