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Bonnie & Chloe Say: Kim Kardashian! Stop Making All Jen Aniston's Bad Man Mistakes!

Thu, December 16, 2010 6:55pm EDT by 2 Comments
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Kim — we really like you and Jen but you have to stop going out with young, commitment phobe men!

You also have to be open to a good man, not just a showy, big-name man, if you want to find true love, not end up alone like Jen.

Jen’s a great girl, who should have men falling all over her but she’s SOOO unapproachable. She’s not just rich, famous and gorgeous. But she’s got so many girlfriends protecting her back, they’re like bodyguards. A guy can barely get close to her!

Kim, you have your sisters and mom, Kris who make it damn hard to get to you!

You need a let down your guard, be open to a non-celeb guy. Allow yourself some time to have a private love life!

Listen to our video advice Kim!

Love you!

–Bonnie Fuller