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Miley Cyrus Fans Go Too Far – They Tweet Out Death Threats To Bong Taper Anna Oliver!

Wed, December 15, 2010 4:03pm EDT by HL Intern 6 Comments


Miley fans have gone crazy defending their idol! They’ve been seriously harassing the girl responsible for allegedly leaking Miley’s now infamous bong-smoking video – their nasty Twitter messages and threats have just gotten out of control!

Miley Cyrus’s controversial bong-smoking video has had some interesting consequences since it hit the Internet – Salvia sales have increased in California, the legality of the herb is being questioned, and now Miley’s fans have taken things a few steps too far. Since the news broke that Anna Oliver, a close friend of both Miley’s and Demi Lovato’s, allegedly recorded the video, angry fans have been sticking up for Miley — but not in a good way! The video has brought Miley a lot of bad publicity, and these fans are not about to let Anna get away with it – they’ve been tweeting nasty and threatening messages to her, causing Anna to delete her Twitter account.

Some of these angry tweeters have even made separate Twitter accounts JUST to bash Anna! With names such as ‘AnnaOSUCKS‘ ‘AnnaHaters‘ and ‘weh8annaoliver‘, we think these fans are taking things way too far. These tweets don’t just say insulting comments about Anna – they include threats to hurt her too! Tweets say things like, “I’m usually a calm person, but when you try to hurt my idol, then blood will be spilled.” “I will personally fly to where ever the hell Anna is and beat the sh*t out of her :)” and “E!News confirmed Anna Oliver records the video. ANNA NEEDS TO DIE!”

We understand you want to defend your idol, but this is just ridiculous! Yes, it was wrong of Anna to betray her friend’s trust, but these fans are proving to be no better by sending death threats and saying such horrible things. It’s one thing to say some basically harmless insults, but it’s another thing to devote an entire Twitter account to telling a girl how much badly you’re going to hurt her. Fans, please calm down – we’re pretty sure Miley doesn’t want you making death threats on her behalf!

-Jessica Booth

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