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You Are Split Over Miley Cyrus' Bong Video: Leave Her Alone & Miley's The New Lindsay!

Tue, December 14, 2010 7:13pm EDT by Chloe Melas 7 Comments

Miley was caught smoking salvia out of a bong five days after her 18th birthday, but it doesn’t really bother some of you!

Miley Cyrus is known for underage drinking, scandalous outfits, and now…smoking out of a bong! Just five days after turning legal Nov. 23, Miley was caught on video obtained by TMZ smoking salvia out of a bong! On our most recent Miley posts, we’ve heard from the die-hard Miley fans to the hard core Hannah Montana haters. We’re compiling a list of our favorite comments from Team Miley, the anti-Cyrusts, and everyone in between. At we listen to what our readers have to say and want to keep hearing from YOU! Vote and tell us if you love or hate America’s favorite controversial country sweetheart!

Miley Fans:

  • Janet: Big deal let her sow her oats who hasn’t done stupid things when they were this age. Better now then when she is married or has children…Let her live… this stuff is such a waste of news paper why don’t you people publish news instead of gossip
  • Mfan: “Remember, God had absolutely no problem with Adam & Eve running around naked, and God, as Jesus, had no problem giving props to a REAL hooker who had a good heart. I believe Miley is the only one on the above list who hasn’t, in fact had sex. She is the only one, including Rob and Kristen, who is still innocent. Please let her grow up without losing her faith in the goodness of people. I lost that a long time ago, and it’s hard to watch Miley go through it.”
  • Tracey: “and dont u mean haters dare comment on me cuz i swear to god ill knock u out. ILY MILEY AND I WILL DEFEND HER MILEY CYRUS AKA HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER(:”
  • Sophie: “Just shut up and be supportive! She needs that! <3 I will love and support Miley FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT. And when articles like this come out claiming to talk to close “sources,” it’s anything but believable and I WILL stand up for Miley.

Miley Haters:

  • Jammers: Miley is actually the new Britney. Young skanky and untalented and has southern white trash roots.
  • From ihatethem: “Looks like are generation 2010’s have new party girls! But I have to say I perfer taylor over Miley. I hate Miley with a passion she is ugly and dog looking and just plain annoying. Stop tryin to be sexy Miley you are ugly.
  • K8s mom: “miley’s parents have never been anything than pimps for her. i am willing to bet that ole billy ray is only acting shocked so he can get his pic in the news yet again. that’s ok: when this one is burned out they have her little sister to exploit…”
  • Ding Dong: “And if Miley wants to smoke a *bong* then let her. If she want’s to bring herself down to levels of Lynsday Lohan, let her. But my advice to Miley, take it all off, pose for Playboy and do your male/female fanbase a favor. We’d rather see you naked, then dead or in rehab. At least then, it’s a win win situation.”
  • Random: “who evers standing up for Miley is probably a 30 year old adult that did many things when she was Miley’s age such as sex, drugs, and was a teen rebel. Any teenager in their right mind, crazy or not, knows what direction Miley’s going in, and it doesn’t seem that good. Stop trying to stand up for her, she knows what she’s doing and she knows it’s wrong.”

    Keep the discussion going and tell us who has more support? Do you love or hate Miley Cyrus?

    Nicole Fukuoka