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'Eclipse' Director: Kristen Stewart Beat Herself Up Playing Bella & There Were Tears!

Mon, December 6, 2010 12:54pm EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of Summit,

Courtesy of Summit,

The director of Eclipse, David Slade, talks about his leading lady’s struggle to be the best Bella she could be and how she coped with the day to day battle!

When you’re part of an intensely beloved project like the Twilight movies, the pressure to give a top notch performance for the fans is enough to make the most seasoned actor crack — and no one felt it more than Bella herself, Kristen Stewart.

In a recent interview with The Vancouver Sun, Eclipse director David Slade spilled on how the cast threw themselves into their character while filming. “It was a 50-day shoot, with many 16-hour days,” he said. And during those long shoots, David revealed that 20-year-old Kristen was constantly in her own head about playing the object of Edward’s affection.

“Kristen, in particular, was very tough on herself. She would say, ‘I don’t know who Bella is to me,’” David said in the interview. “In a lot of ways, I think she felt Bella was the antithesis to her, which presented a lot of challenges for Kristen. She would beat herself up about it, because she wants to be there. She never wants to leave a scene undone.”

That kind of dedication to a project led to another successful Twilight film, but not without some pain on KStew’s end. “There were tears,” David admitted. “But you move on and you keep going. Even in rehearsals with Rob, there was a similar spiraling that would happen.”

Wanna see Kristen suffering for her craft? The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is out on DVD right now!

–Jenna Mullins